Has MedWand received clearance for clinical use by the FDA or other equivalent organization?
MedWand is under review for 510(k) clearance and is available for demonstration use only at this time in the United States.

When commercially available, who would be a typical user of MedWand and the VirtualCare software?
Any healthcare organization wishing to add advanced Virtual Care services to their tele-medicine solution.

What makes MedWand unique compared to other tele-medicine devices?
MedWand is the only available solution that includes multiple clinically accurate vitals sensors that enables clinicians to perform real-time physical exams on their patients over any distance, scheduled by and fully integrated into, existing EHR and patient management systems.

What hardware configurations are available for MedWand?
MedWand Clinics are available in three configurations - Mobile Clinic, Remote Clinic and Office Clinic. Each version includes a specially configured Android tablet or Windows P.C.

What software is supplied with MedWand?
Each MedWand includes a copy of MedWand VirtualCare software installed on the provided Android tablet or Windows PC. For clinicians the solution supports video-based consultations and real-time exams from any computer using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

Is MedWand intended to replace my existing tele-medicine software?
MedWand will often be used as a higher capability compliment to existing video conference based telemedicine solutions. Each care organization can choose how to allocate MedWand hardware to those patients within its network that would benefit the most from virtual exams.

What EHR and patient management solutions are compatible with MedWand?
Commonly used EHR and patient management solutions, such as MyChart by Epic and Cerner's Millennium / MHS Genesis, have already been integrated by the MedWand team. Please e-mail info@medwand.com to request the status of your current EHR or practice management system.

What fees are charged to use MedWand services?
A monthly subscription fee is required to use MedWand. This fee provides the user access to the MedWand hardware and pre-configured Android tablet or Windows PC. It also includes no-fault product replacement insurance, and a defined level of access to MedWand VirtualCare services.

Will insurance or other payments cover the cost of MedWand services?
Many commercial insurance plans allow tele-medicine sessions as an allowed expense, and CMS billing codes already exist for applications such a Remote Patient Monitoring. In many use cases significant cost reductions can be gained from operational efficiencies and reduced travel costs.

How do you establish in-field operation with a MedWand?
MedWand connects to a supplied Android tablet or Windows PC via a USB-C cable. With full access to the internet via WiFi, LAN or 4G LTE, MedWand can work anywhere in the world.

Can more than one patient use a single MedWand?
Yes. In applications such as Schools and Care homes, a single nurse will often be responsible for multiple patients. Each patient will typically have an account hosted by the EHR and patient management system which holds all their medical data and insurance information.

What is the patient experience when using a MedWand?
By integrating with existing patient management solutions, most clinician communications with patients remain unchanged. Only those patients or nurses assigned a MedWand Clinic will be aware of the additional hardware and user interface of MedWand's VirtualCare software.

Is MedWand HIPAA compliant?
Yes. All communications and vitals data transmitted over the internet, or temporarily saved in local tablet/PC or Cloud storage are encrypted and anonymized to ensure HIPAA compliance.

What resources does MedWand VirtualCare software run on?
MedWand VirtualCare software is hosted in Oracle Cloud data centers, providing global reach and data sovereignty for customers, combined with 24/7 support and world-class reliability.